Surprise! People Like Sex More Than Facebook [Study]

So people like sex more than Facebook, according to a recent study. We know, we know, “obvious research is obvious,” but don’t forget: A different study showed not too long ago that resisting the urge to check your social media accounts is actually harder than resisting the urge to sex, so what are we to make of these two studies?

Well, the study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business only cataloged addiction. The new study, performed by the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, pretty much just asked if you would rather tweet or bone.

The study found that having sex is the most enjoyable human activity. They ranked various activities and divided them into three categories: Pleasure, engagement, and meaning, in order to see which activities brought more happiness. Sex ranked number one in every category.

Drinking alcohol and volunteering followed-up on the list, and the least desirable activities were recovering from sickness, housework, and using Facebook.

Here are the lists:

Top-Ranked Activities
1: Sex
2: Drinking alcohol
3: Volunteering
4: Meditating/religion
5: Caring for children
6: Listening to music
7: Socializing
8: Hobbies
9: Shopping
10: Gaming

Worst-Ranked Activities
1: Recovering from sickness
2: Facebook
3: Housework
4: Studying
5: Texting
6: Going to lectures
7: Paid work
8: Commuting
9: Computer work
10: Washing

Though it seems like a no-brainer, the effect of social media on our lives is still murky and unclear. You have the Chicago study, which suggested that checking social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter is as tempting as sex and smoking cigarettes, and another recent survey that showed at least 15% of individuals preferring a sex-free weekend over giving up their smartphones for a few days.

How much of a hold does social media have on your life? Would you rather check Facebook or engage in the primal human mating dance of sex? You know our answer:

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