Super Bowl Blackout Was A Big Twitter Win For Oreo And Tide Detergent

Oreo In The Dark Ad

Just minutes after the lights went out on Super Bowl 47 and fans sat through a stadium blackout, Oreo posted a Twitter ad.

Pictured above the advert featured a single Oreo cookie and the caption “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark.”

Shortly after posting the ad to Twitter it went viral and a moment of brilliance became one of the most talked about ads of the night.

Now wanting to be left out of the quick post advertising game the team at Tide Detergent posted the following tweet:

With #Blackout and #SuperBowl both trending on Twitter during the game fans also took to quickly re-tweeting the Tide Detergent tweet alongside the new Oreo ad.

In a day and age where Super Bowl commercials often debut before the big game it looks like $2 million – $15 million commercials simply can’t hold a flame to ads created and posted in minutes, perhaps even seconds.

Do you think Twitter and other social networks are better at taking ads viral than far more expensive Super Bowl aired commercials?



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