#SB47: Watch Super Bowl 47 Online And Interact With Fans In Real-Time

Super Bowl 47 Live Streaming Video Online

Super Bowl 47 already has its own hashtag at #SB47 and fans can get even further into the conversation by watching the Super Bowl live online in real-time.

For the first time ever CBSSports.com will air both the Super Bowl and Halftime Show live online.

The company’s technology will even allow users to choose which camera angles to watch plays from, creating a new type of online interactivity.

If you don’t care to jump back and forth to #SB47 on Twitter, CBS is offering a social chat room of its own, an area on the online streaming screen where viewers can chat with one another.

Adding to its offering the free live stream of Super Bowl 47 also offers a social media tracker which shows how discussions are going down on a viewers favorite social networks.

If you can’t catch the game on your PC or Tablet you can watch it via the NFL Mobile app. CBS Sports for mobile will also provide a social media feeds setup for added interaction.

You can watch the live stream of Super Bowl 47 online at the follow link: CBSSports.com

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