Substitute Teacher Fired Had Bullets Fall Out Of His Pockets


A substitute teacher visited a school in Massachusetts and had a plethora of bullets fall out of his pocket in the midst of class.

On Thursday, the sub was covering a preschool classroom at Elmwood Street School in Millbury when abruptly bullets spilled out of his pocket and crashed onto the classroom floor. A fellow teacher heard them dropped on the floor and contacted the principal in light of the circumstance. The substitute told authorities that he went out shooting the day before, accordant to the Millbury Police Chief Donald Desorcy. “So apparently he was wearing the same clothing two days in a row,” he informed the station. “He claims he had left magazines in his pocket.” Law enforcement suspended the sub instructor’s license to carry firearms. He possessed 12 shotguns and rifles, six handguns and ammo confiscated from his home by officers.

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“To me, that’s just not sound judgment, an individual not thinking clearly or have a strong concept of gun ownership or gun responsibility,” said Desorcy. According to the superintendent the teacher was ultimately fired. “That kind of an oversight, even if you legitimately forget that you have something like that in your pocket, is not going to be tolerated,” claimed Superintendent Gregory B. Myers. Myers too explained he’s reached out to parents and instructed them that the school is safe. Sheesh, hard lesson learned.

Substitute teachers, absolutely do not bring bullets to a schoolhouse via a pocket, regardless of what they were doing the day previous. We all are aware the list of items you cannot bring into school is increasing. This being anything that is a weapon or could be functioned as a weapon. Or items associated with a weapon, like bullets. And this goes not only for the students, but for every staff member within the school- substitute teachers included.


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