Study Reveals Internet Slang Is Born On Reddit

Reddit Study

Reddit is known as the go-to place for hilarious memes, interesting stories and a magical way to waste hours of your day. However, a new study shows that Reddit is having more of an impact on us than we thought.

Upon a person’s first visit to Reddit, they are met with lengthy discussion threads filled with acronyms, abbreviations and other strange language trends. Once you spend some time browsing the site, you become familiar with the trendy language and notice a lot of these catchprases popping up in everyday life.

reddit slang
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This study dicovered that the majority of slang used by the younger generations was birthed right there on the site, dubbed “the front page of the Internet.”

Our friends over at LOLHit researched these trends and had some pretty interesting findings. For example:

-While the subreddit is about messing up, the most upvoted phrase of r/TIFU is “nailed it” 

-The top catchphrase for both LoL and Dota2 is ‘well played’ – it’s also the most popular current catchphrase on the site

-“Uptoke” and “Faith in humanity restored” are the most upvoted catch phrases across all subreddits

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With millions of visitors each month, it is easy to see how Reddit has such influence on everyday slang.

You can check out more of this interesting study here.

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