Australians Are Disappointed With The Supermoon


On behalf of the rest — okay, most of the world: we’re really, really sorry, Australians.

about 24 hours ago, the Supermoon was quite literally an overnight sensation all over the world. Why? Well, it’s just this is about the closest and brightest the moon will ever get to the surface of planet Earth (barring an apocalyptic orbital acident collission — okay, moving on). The last this ever happened was in 1948  (practically three years right after World War II), and the next one is not going to happen again until November 25, 2034.

Many felt this would be a landmark in their lives, and in the lives of their loved ones.

People all over the world were in awe at the majesty and infinite-ness of this rare celestial sight.

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And over Australia? Well… Australians, we feel your pain.

Supermoon? Adelaide’s 2016 weather strikes again #supermoon #adelaide #cloud

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*throws receipt at Supermoon, shakes fist*

Some of that enthusiasm quickly turned into anger.

Some stayed hopeful and just enjoyed the moon for hat it is, because hey, it’s pretty?

It is important to check your facts and measure, because Science.

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And while a number of folks were #blessed to have a wicked awesome camera setup, most of us had to make do with fuzzy snaps with our camera phones.

Well, let’s hope we get to live long enough to catch the next Supermoon. (Hurry up with our awesome future meds, Science.)


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