Student’s Prank Reveals Teacher Doesn’t Read Test Answers

Being a teacher just isn’t all fun and games. It’s hard work, dedication, thinking on your feet, and a tonne of patience from sunup to sundown. It’s score charts and quizzes, special projects and exams, sometimes to occassional essay too. And homework. Tonnes of homework.

Though if you do at some point decide to slack off, skip reading your student’s work and just sign it off with a perfect score — your students will find ways of giving you a nice big wake-up call.

Like this one.

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One Redditor was starting to get real suspicious that their teacher wasn’t actually reading their answers. So one fine day on a Comprehension exam, instead of answering the quiz questions on the Working Poor, he first filled out one answer with a Lord of The Rings reference — and subsequently went on to write out the highlights in Hamlet’s soliloquy.

The teacher never really noticed.

Apparently, this Redditor wasn’t alone in feeling this way about their own respective teachers, and shared their own teacher-baiting stories.

Cogswobble shared, “When I was in high school, I wrote in the middle of one of my papers ‘Mr TeacherName, do you actually read all of these papers?’ He wrote in red ink right next to it, ‘I don’t read all of them, but I read this one!'” (So, plus points for this teacher for actually paying attention, I suppose.)

McKFC added: “I did this in a history paper! Something like ‘Put a tick in the top right corner if you’re reading this’. Got called out in class. Did not think through. Embarrassing.”


How about you? Would you ever pull off a stunt like this? Or if you have, how did it work out for you? Share us your stories on Twitter @SocialNewsDaily!

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