Someone Made A Mentos Commercial Using Old Jean-Claude Van Damme Footage FTW

mentos commerical

Despite what anyone may tell you to the contrary, the best thing about the internet is its ability to make people laugh. Some may argue its ability to make us smarter is where it shines. Nah. Some may say all the information that is available to us at our fingertips is what makes it so cool. Nope. Funny stuff wins. Kitten pics and videos like this. In this case, someone took some rather awkward footage of Jean Claude Van Damme from the movie Bloodsport and edited it into an old-school Mentos commercial. First, I will show you what it is making fun of if you are blissfully unaware of how awesomely bad this ad campaign was in the 90’s:

That gives you a really solid idea of where we are about to go. Buckle in, people. It really only gets better from here. Presenting, the greatest fake Mentos commercial of all time:

You would have to wander this earth without a soul to find no pleasure in that. It not only shows the cheesiness of the film, it also shows us how stupid (and oddly enjoyable) those Mentos commercial ads were years back. My only real question is, why can’t this be a real thing???

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