[Social Travel] Hilton Offers Deep Discount Facebook Sale

Liking your favorite and most used brands on Facebook serves more of a purpose than just making your profile more well-rounded- if you tend to use a certain brand or product often, keeping Facebook tabs on the company can ensure you don’t miss out on great, targeted promotions advertised on social media sites.

Travel is an area in which buyers can use any leeway they can get nowadays. Airfare prices are prohibitively expensive, and strapped, recession-weary consumers often resort to the depressing “staycation” instead of getting away for a week or a long weekend in the summer due to the higher costs and lower amount of disposable income.

Hilton is one brand reaching out to fans with an attractive incentive- starting tomorrow at noon, the hotelier is running a 48-hour sale on rooms. HHonors members also get a 2,500 bonus of points for their stay, making the promotion very attractive indeed.

You can read about the sale here– though few details have yet been released, discounts of 40% have been hinted at. Have you successfully used social media to find or negotiate a lower travel rate in the past? How did you make out?



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