Social Media Marketers Are Thinking Mobile First, Here’s Why

Social Media Marketing Mobile First Strategy

By 2017 social advertising is expected to reach $11 billion annually. Much of that social ad spend will be directed towards a mobile first strategy.

The team at Unified Social has examined why companies are turning towards a mobile first approach to social advertising.

The study found that 40% of YouTube video plays in the US now come from mobile while global shipments of tablets will eclipse personal computers by 2015.

Mobile Pinterest usage increased by 60x last year and 79% of mobile Twitter users are likely to check out the social network several times a day.

Mobile Social Media Benchmarks

  • In many countries, consumers use mobile devices as their primary access point for social networks, and the US is quickly catching up.
  • Mobile pageviews on LinkedIn are up 250% in 2013
  • Global shipments of tablets will eclipse personal computers in 2015
  • 59% of Yelp searches come from mobile

The study also discovered that mobile users share content more often than desktop users. For example, mobile Pinterest content is shared 3 times more than desktop shares. Mobile Twitter users are 66% more like to retweet and Facebook Mobile users are 39% more likely to engage with content.


Desktop: 4.1%
Mobile: 7.7%


PIN: Make sure your pinned posts are relevant to mobile visitors

TARGET: If you’re aiming video at Facebook users, target users connected via WiFi

CHECK: Make sure content looks good in mobile feeds before posting it

ENABLE: Maximize sharing by making your content easily shareable from mobile devices

PLAN: If you post a link, make sure it’s to a mobile-friendly page

Here’s the full infographic:

Social Media Marketing Mobile First

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