10 Videos That Turn Social Networks Into Hilarious Real-Life Scenarios

Social Networking In Real Life - Parody Videos

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Path, there is literally an endless number of currently available and still being developed social networks on the market. Our lives have become consumed by the social circles we follow on Google+ to the friends and family members we let into our Facebook pages. But let’s be honest, social media conversations and our constant reliance on those networks does not equate to “real life” in any sense of living.

Realizing that social media scenarios in real life would be awkward and silly we have created a list of 10 videos that turn social networks into hilarious real-life scenarios.

A Facebook Update In Real Life – FB Takes Over Your Home

Imagine if you came home and Facebook re-arranged your furniture, allowed anyone with a “privacy door” to enter your home, and added an events center in your dining room that allowed your friends to enter your home uninvited and endlessly bug you. On top of everything your Facebook account randomly changed your life around without permission: “We’ve taken your cat and replaced it with a dog.”

Real Life Twitter – Random Outloud Thoughts In A Crowded City

Twitter is oftentimes an endless stream of nothing. Imagine if someone walked around the busy streets of a city and just shouted out what they were thinking, doing, or about to do. The team at College Humor tested this theory and the results as expected are pretty annoying.

Pinterest In Real Real – The Hilarity and Unintentional Creepiness of Repinning

If Pinterest existed in real life people would be running around stealing stuff from other people. At least those thefts would go down with a lot of style. Want that lady’s shoes? Just grab them! The best part of the video occurs when the Pinterest users friend realizes they are living the same life because the Pinterest user has basically repinned her life.

140 Characters In Real Life – The Twitter Dilemma

The basic premise for this attack against Twitter is simple, but the real payoff occurs in the last 30 seconds. Watch the full video for a good laugh. Seriously who talks in 140 character soundbites other than politicians who are trying to monitor every word they say.

Instagram IRL (In Real Life)

Instagram IRL is an app I would actually use! Imagine if you could take all of the crappy stuff in your life and convert it into awesomeness!. This video has some foul language that might offend you. If you’re offended just get Instagram In Real Life to fix everything you deem to be wrong with the video. I love the slogan “turn your shitty life into a shitty life with filters on it.”

Friending People You Haven’t Seen In Years – Another Facebook In Real Life Video

This video debuted in 2008 yet oddly enough the content isn’t dated. Sure there are more privacy settings for Facebook which means we can block out unwanted guests, but ultimately we are still bombarded with friend requests for people we don’t remember ever meeting. And yes many of us still accept friend requests from people we couldn’t stand in real life and still can’t stand on Facebook.

On a more important side note, why is it we friend people we barely remember and then feel obliged to leave a message on their wall once a year to wish them happy birthday.

A Low Tech Way To Social Network In Real-Life Right Now

The videos we’ve shown so far show off social networking in real-life with high-tech pop-ups but ultimately we already have the tools to be a complete social network douche in real life. Grab a photo album, some post it notes, and your willingness to bug everyone around you and this video will show you how to social network in real-life with low-tech tools found all around you.

The Over-Reaching Social Network

Many users give up a lot about themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks. From sexual orientation and the number of kids a person has to their geo-location based on photos and posts, why would we give up some much personal information if it looks like the video above in real life?

Real Life Reactions From Social Network Users

Trolling is bad enough online but social network trolling isn’t funny when the person in real life claims to “kill your father by giving him aids.” Also those sad moments when you change your profile status to “Single” don’t really translate well from social media engagement to real life. The music in this video is annoying and if you have a problem with accents good luck. In any case its a very true analysis of the move from online social networking and how it would apply in real-life.

Facebook Over-Sharing

If you haven’t found a theme in these videos yet its that most people make parody videos about Facebook. Not only is the social network the biggest in the world, it is also the most likely to be really annoying in real life. This final video focuses on a guy who us just trying to take a walk when he encounters random soundbites from friends and people he barely knowns.

Turning social networks into real-life scenarios isn’t hard but the results probably leave most people wanting to separate their social media presence from real-life situations.

James Kosur

James Kosur has worked in the new media space for the last 10 years, helping many publications build their audiences to millions of monthly readers. He currently serves as the Director of Business Development at Business2Community.com and the CEO of Aven Enterprises LLC.


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