Social Media Influencer Couple Gets Flak For Life-Threatening Kissing Stunt

Photo by Instagram/backpackdiariez

The life of a social media influencer can be heaps of fun, especially for young people. Often, it can appear as they are combining work and play which are usually two mutually exclusive things. That’s double the fun for couples who do that, but not for one particular couple; they got lambasted for a lethal stunt they did during one of their publicized travels.

Jean and Camille a.k.a. backpackdiariez are two of the most prominent social media influencer couples out there. They have quite a robust audience of 167,000 followers on Instagram and they are famous for their backpacking photos. During one of their travels to Sri Lanka, they did their “wildest kiss” ever, while precariously dangling on a moving train:

It appears their definition of different was a lot more extreme than most people’s. That is if you count heading to a third world country for a life-threatening stunt as different; people’s lives are already hard there every day. Was it worth the risk? Probably; it was backpackdiariez most liked photo to date and already has nearly 40,000 thousand likes and counting.

Despite that, the couple was not immune to criticism, some of their fans even pointed out that they were promoting recklessness for the sake of likes– a notion quite famous for a lot of young people these days. While Jean and Camille might have gotten away with such a stunt, others inspired or “influenced” by them might not.

Photo by Instagram

Not to mention, the legality of what they did on a moving train.

The worst part? People are actually throwing away their lives for mere selfies and similar photos to what Jean and Camille did. The dilemma is whether we should just let natural selection take place or try to warn these people, who might then encourage others to try out what Jean and Camille did.

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