Snoox Takes On Pinterest With Friend Recommendations

Pinterest may be top dog when it comes to image based platforms, but a new startup by the name of Snoox looks to bring something different to the table, this time with a focus on recommendations from friends instead of content from complete strangers.

While Snoox takes on much of the look of Pinterest (outside of a slightly different design) it’s more geared towards sharing the things you love, want, own, rather than funny pictures or a massive Reese’s peanut butter cup.

You can build pages or “Collections” around all sorts of different categories. To name a few: Restaurants, Hotels, Food, Cell Phones, Video Games, TV Series, and more. With these Collections, you add specific content to them, the same way you would on Pinterest.

Here though, people recommend content and Snoox easily integrates buy links so people can purchase the products or services. It’s an interesting way to see what your friends are enjoying and recommending which is definitely very influential in buying decisions.

To recommend something that someone else has posted, scrolling over the image will cause an orange “Snoox It!” button to appear. Click that and you’ll be able to add to one of your Collections.

You can also search for recommendations by entering keywords or phrases, as well as including locations to find recommendations from people within your area. The interface looks pretty solid right now, although the mobile version needs a lot of work.

Snoox definitely has a lot of potential, and with visual web platforms on the rise, recommendations have received a nice face-lift.



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