The Harmful Effects of Sexting


Have you ever heard of the term sexting? This is a common practice among young people. 

Sexting involves the exchange of sexually explicit videos, photos, or texts through your cell phone. Sexting comes from the words sex and text. In recent years the practice has become the normal order of operation because of the easy access to smartphones and the internet. 

It starts with a simple text from your friend. As time passes, you may want your friend to see your outfit or hairstyle. Therefore, you send them your photo, and they respond by sending theirs back. Little by little, you may begin flirting, and before you know it, you will have sent your friend an explicit message, photo, or video. 

Why Has Sexting Become Popular?

You may argue that having your naked photo or your friend on your phone is a form of advertisement. It is a way of telling your friends that you are sexually active.

Worse still, you may consider sexting as a comfortable way of exploring sexuality or a form of safe sex. After all, you cannot get pregnant nor transmit sexually transmitted diseases with sexting. 

Another reason is that you want to flirt. You may send it to someone you like or one that you hope to be in a relationship with in the future. Therefore, you may think of it as an easy way to cultivate friendships and a sign of trust.

When a friend sends you an explicit photo, you may feel the pressure to want to return the favor. In other cases, you may send the photo because you are under pressure from the other person.

Further, you may be circulating your former friend’s naked photos either to revenge after a breakup or to entertain your friends. 

Whatever the cause, sexting can change your life forever. You can get into a lot of trouble with a mere click of a button. 

Harmful Effects of Sexting

You may fail to realize that once your photo gets into cyberspace, you lose control over it. You no longer own it. Thus, how your friends choose to use your photo or view it is out of your control.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend may choose to send your nude photos to your classmates to entertain them. They may continue forwarding the image to others in your neighborhood or other teens. Thus, your mistake will become easily transmitted and archived. It will, in the end, damage your reputation. 

Do you know sexting can get you into trouble with the authority? Whether you are a minor or not, the administration can charge you with child abuse or pornography offenses. It may require you to register as a sex offender. 

Further, your mom and dad may get into trouble as well. If your parents’ name is on your mobile phone contract, they may become liable. The authority and public will accuse them of not cautioning you about sexting.  

Therefore, avoid sending inappropriate photos that belong to you or your fellow teenager. There are several cases of youths who have committed suicide or were raped due to sexting.  

What You Can Do

You now know the consequences of sexting, and your parents may not keep on monitoring you. Sending an explicit text may be followed by a naked photo that you lose ownership of when it goes online. Therefore, when the boy or girl you like sends you their nude photo, do not return the favor.  

When they pressure you to send your nude images or video, kindly seek help from your loving parents or guardian. Ensure you have an open and honest conversation with parents about sexting. Avoid visiting illegal or unsavory websites even when your peers pressure you. You may receive sexts from strangers online, which may leave you with a negative experience. 

When you avoid sexting, you will avoid humiliating yourself, your parents, and your friends. As a result, you will have a good reputation and conscience. 


Sexting is a choice, but you need to be in control of what you receive or send to your friends. As much as you want to make or retain friends, avoid sending them your naked photos, videos, or explicit texts. When you submit your nude images into cyberspace, you lose control of who views them. 

The explicit photos can lead to reputational damages or legal consequences. Therefore, when a boy or a girl forces you to send your naked photos, speak to your parents first. Remember, you are using a smartphone that bears your parent’s name and your actions to get them in trouble.  

To avoid embarrassing yourself, your family, and friends, consider the consequences first before clicking on the button. 

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