Smule, Maker Of ‘I Am T-Pain’ App, Launches New Social Network


Smule is a company known for its musical apps such as the auto-tune sensation I Am T-Pain, and has launched a new social network to showcase music.

Called Smule Nation, it aggregates shared music across all of its apps, making it easy to explore content created across some 125 million users.

By visiting, you can see what is popular, what is new, view picks from Smule, and if you come across a person you like, you can visit their profile to follow them and discover more of their creations.

Considering the social network is based around music, Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Smith is not afraid to admit that a lot of creations are not so good.

However, Jeff feels that great content will rise to the top, helping it to get even more attention.

According to Jeff, there are no plans to monetize Smule Nation, and it is more for the company to promote its suite of apps, while offering a new way to discover music.

With just one of its apps, Sing! Karaoke, over 20,000 songs are sang every hour, and over 50,000 users are playing on Magic Piano every hour.

Out of 125 million users across all Smule apps, over one billion songs have been shared.

Kokou Adzo

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