Skydiver Almost Struck By Meteorite

A sky diving video from Norway has gone viral for a reason you might not have easily guessed: the skydiver was almost struck by a meteorite.

The video, originally recorded in 2012 but uploaded to YouTube April 3rd, shows the stone sized meteorite fly past parachutist Anders Helstrup shortly after he opens his parachute.

“I got the feeling that there was something, but I didn’t register what was happening,” Helstrup told local media.

After reviewing the video from the jump, Helstrum sought advice from the Natural History Museum in Oslo.

“The film caused a sensation in the meteorite community. They seemed convinced that this was a meteorite, perhaps I was the one who was the most sceptical.”

Norwegian experts are convinced that it was a meteorite, stating that “it can’t be anything else. The shape is typical of meteorites – a fresh fracture surface on one side, while the other side is rounded.”

What ever it was, Helstrup should at least be grateful it didn’t hit him.

The video had over 1 million views on YouTube as of the morning of April 4th.



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