Simu Liu’s Stock Photo Memes That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Shang Chi is finally a Marvel Avenger! In the course of the last week, Simu Liu’s stock photo memes became viral on the internet. People can’t believe that their new favorite hero used to model for stock photos. Everyone thought that the movie would flop and people were laughing at the stock images at the same time. But everyone’s wrong on both accounts! Not only was Shang Chi a great success, but the stock photos also made Simu Liu even more popular than he already is.

A lot of people don’t know if they would be awed or they should cringe from this discovery. Either way, let’s admit, Simu Liu is a great stock photo model.

Simu Liu’s stock photos present your typical ‘stock photo modeling’

They’re funny and cool at the same time

But this dude is cooler than we thought – manifesting to become the first Asian Marvel hero

Image source: Reddit

Lots of people thought the movie would flop

But they were wrong, and the stock photos made him even more famous

Now, it is literally everywhere!

Even in random apartment buildings

To the point that it may actually have a  cult following LOL

And, everyone is excited for every new stock photo discovery (cause there’s so much of them)

It is even edited into Marvel scene photos

He even used his own stock photos to create memes

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