Mom Gets Tech-Obsessed Kids To Do Chores By Changing Wi-Fi Password

wi-fi password

To get them to clean, a clever mother uses her children’s obsession to her advantage by holding onto the family’s Wi-Fi password as collateral.

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It appears as if every kid these days obtains some form of technology overuse: They’re always surfing the ‘net, they never put their phone down, the list goes on and on.

One mom, however, used her kid’s fixation to her advantage by changing the family’s Wi-Fi password and making them contact her with photos in order to get it turned back on.

wi-fi password
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Before heading out for the day, you see (above) the mom leaves her children a note expressing what chores they need to get done.

And, she deducts the Wi-Fi password until she receives a picture displaying to her that the chores at hand have been done. And to stop her children from using old photos, the image has to include a particular box of crackers that she left on top of the stove for them!

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The most challenging part for a parent that does this, all summer long, is determining a brand-new password every morning; though, that is a painless price to pay for a tidy home, you think? For sure.

Obviously, all you have to do is figure out your children’s weakness(es) and you will have a clean home in no time!

And keep in mind, you are doing the absolute best thing for them … even if they totally think you’re a d*uche!


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