Shock And Awe: Social Media Reactions To Slaying Of NY Police Officers


Social media reactions are heating up over the recent slayings of two New York police officers. On Saturday, two police officers were ambushed in their patrol car by an armed man. The attacker has been identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Brinsley assassinated the two officers by ambushing their patrol car.

The New York Daily News reports, the officers — Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32 — were in the area as part of a push to beef up cops’ presence near violence-plagued housing projects.

Before the attacks Brinsley took to social media to announce he was going to kill the officers as an act of protest of the killings of Micheal Brown and Eric Garner.

“I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours … let’s take 2 of theirs,” Brinsley, 28, wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of a silver handgun.

He also included three hashtags: ShootThePolice, RIPErivGarner (sic) and RIPMikeBrown.

“This may be my final post … I’m putting pigs in a blanket.”

After killing the officers, Brinsley escaped to a subway station, where he shot himself. He later died of the self-inflicted gun wound.

Social media has been ablaze with posts of support and protest. Perhaps the most profound, and most heartbreaking, was a Facebook post from one of the slain officer’s son, Jaden Ramos.

Jaden Ramos Facebook

Fortunately, the majority has been in support of the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday. Normal people and celebrities alike posted their thoughts.

But, there was a small minority of people that praised the killer. The Daily Caller compiled a collection of tweets from the monsters who support the killing of innocent police officers as a way to appease the racial tension.

Rapper, The Game, responded with an insensitive tweet about the slayers. The tweet was immediately attacked by disgusted fans.

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