Tourist Couple Had Sex On The Great Pyramids For Epic Sex Selfie; Sparks Investigations

Sex Selfie
Photo by Daily Record/Andreas Hvid

Nowadays, most people don’t see the remnants of a once glorious civilization to respect when they see the impressive ruins of past kingdoms. Most of the time, they see selfie magnets, something to brag about in social media to people they barely know. One tourist couple even had the audacity to do a sex selfie on top of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.


It was done by none other than Danish photographer Andreas Hvid who describes himself as artist and explorer. His idea of art was a sex selfie on the top of the Great Pyramids, one of the most iconic wonders ever. So, Hvid took a female companion on top of the said tomb and did it with her while taking the photo which he posted online just recently:

Sex Selfie
Photo by Daily Record/Andreas Hvid

It had the caption, “In late November 2018, a friend and I climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza (a.k.a. Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Cheops).” On his website, along with other more wholesome photos.

Sex Selfie
Photo by Daily Record/Andreas Hvid

Soon after the photo was uploaded, the Egyptian authorities took interest in Hvid’s so-called “art.” This prompted Hvid to take down the photo since there was a tourism ordinance in the Pyramids where they can only be climbed to a certain point and no one was allowed to visit them after 5 p.m. Apparently, Hvid also snuck around the guards along with his companion according to one tweet:

Of course, Egpyt, being a Muslim country now, does not tolerate people having sex on one of their ancient cultural and historical sites. Hence the investigation. Hvid is now being probed and investigated regarding his violations where he will definitely learn to keep it in the bedroom next time.

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