Senior Punches Bear in The Face to Save His Dog


Nobody messes with Lacy — nobody, not even bears.

when Carl Jones’ pet Chihuahua Lacy was threatened by a menacing bear straight out of the woods, this veteran absolutely wouldn’t take it sitting down. After yelling and cursing at the bear to get its attention, Jones ran right up to him and socked it right in the muzzle, delivering his signature “whirling haymaker” punch. The punch was strong enough to disorient the bear, and it turned around, and headed right back into the forest.

While this may certainly seem like a tall tale, Jones’ employees swear it’s the whole truth and nothing but. John Sargent shares, “”He’s an ex-first recon Marine. He’s been in barroom brawls, all kinda stuff.” with a history and a personality like that, this senior’s fight-or-flight attitude certainly comes as no surprise.

73-year-old Jones facing down a bear of this size, albeit a touch shorter than him, was certainly no mean feat. Bears are still one of the most powerful land animals on earth — its bite-force ranks up to 8,000,000 pascals — enough to crush a bowling ball between its jaws. Its razor-sharp claws can grow up to 10 centimeters long, and one swipe can be all that stands between life and death to anyone standing in its way.

While we do applaud (and sort of shake our heads in disbelief) Mr. Jones’ punching prowess and bravado, we also would like to caution anyone to (1) not try this at home, and (2) to err on the side of safety in the event of wild animals, bear or otherwise, coming near your homes. Most forest predators, when not enticed by the smell of food exposed to the open air, are merely curious about their human neighbors’ habitation and habits, and are not likely to bother anyone when left alone. We recommend this handy chart, provided by our friends over at The Art of Manliness:


Watch CBS’ news report below:

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