SeedInvest Crowdfunds Startup Money For Its Own Crowdfunding Platform


Crowdfunding platform SeedInvest is attempting to join the ranks of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others. The company, which specializes in crowdfunding capital for startups, is turning to crowdfunding to raise much needed cash. Potential investors for the platform must create an account to view pitch videos from prospective tech companies.

Okay follow me for a moment, the crowdfunding platform needs to raise money for its own platforms crowdfunding efforts, and it is turning to its own Crowdfunding site to earn that capital. And most importantly, the effort is working really well. Here are several of the company’s own touted highlights:

  • Increased transaction volume 350% in Q1 2014 vs. the previous quarter.
  • Increased adjusted revenue 450% in Q1 2014 vs. the previous quarter.
  • Over $125 million in investment interest and over $150 million in offering volume.
  • $2 million of the round has already been committed to by prominent venture capital firms including Scout Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Avenue A Ventures, Krillion Ventures and Archer Gray.

According to the firm, the platform is “Crowdfunding for the Cream of the Early-Stage Crop.”

SeedInvest has raised $2.5 million of its $3 million goal, not a bad testament towards the websites ability to raise money in the tech startup culture. 12 companies have also been featured on the site’s homepage, two of which have reached their full funding goals.





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