Screaming Goat Goes Viral: Improves Pop Music One Song At A Time

Screaming Goat Goes Viral

A screaming goat has gone viral on YouTube thanks to its ability to perfectly mix in with today’s biggest pop stars.

The screaming goat remixes appeared alongside some of today’s biggest hits including Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, Justin Bieber’s Baby, and Katy Perry’s Firework.

Internet memes are quickly becoming a more common practice online and with such creative and funny videos being created in record time we can definitely see the appeal.

Oddly enough we actually feel as if Justin Bieber’sBaby was actually improved upon by the screaming goats viral take on the song.

[ultimatepro 4 /]

We can blame this whole screaming goat trend on the team at Dorito’s and its Super Bowl 2013 ad that really capitalized on the screaming goat meme:


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