Scientists Say They Have Solved The Mystery Of The Deadly Bermuda Triangle


Scientists claim they have finally figured out the dark secret of the notorious Bermuda Triangle that has seized hundreds of lives for a century.

Too known as the Devil’s Triangle, the area boasts numerous shipping lanes and has claimed over 1,000 lives over the past 100 years.

British scientists contend 30m “rogue” waves could be the reason why so many boats have been sunk in the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle.

The ill-famed body of water in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean stretches over an area of roughly 700,000 square kilometers between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

One of life’s great mysteries, the Bermuda Triangle might have at last found an explanation; Photo by: Big Think

However experts at the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom, think the mystery can be explained by a natural event known as “rogue waves”.

Illustrating on the documentary The Bermuda Triangle Enigma, the scientists utilized indoor simulators to re-create the beast water surges.

Rogue waves — which only take place for a few minutes — were initially observed in 1997 by satellites off the coast of South Africa.

Some have even gauged 30m high.

“There are storms to the south and north, which come together,” said Dr. Simon Boxall, an ocean and earth scientist.

“And if there are additional ones from Florida, it can be a potentially deadly formation of rogue waves.

“They are steep, they are high — we’ve measured waves in excess of 30m. The bigger the boat gets, the more damage is done.

“If you can imagine a rogue wave with peaks at either end, there’s nothing below the boat, so it snaps in two. If it happens, it can sink in two to three minutes.”


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