Huge Saltwater Crocodile Cannibalizes Freshwater Cousin Because Australia, That’s Why

Saltwater crocodile
Photo by NY Daily News

It is still not clear why Australia is named as such when the settlers really should have named it “Nopeland.” It has the most number of nopes in the world ever, including a jellyfish which causes existential dread, a venomous octopus that has no antivenom yet, nettle bushes on steroids, and pythons big enough to eat crocodiles. Oh, also just recently, a saltwater crocodile there was spotted eating its own cousin.

So yeah, it’s no wonder a lot of Australians look to other countries for vacations despite their being abundant in nature. Just last month, Wendy Higgs and her son Ryan were just fishing in the Daly River peacefully. However, the peaceful fishing moment did not last as they spotted a huge saltwater crocodile devouring a smaller freshwater crocodile. So they took a video of it in order to serve as a perfect anti-tourism ad for Australia, take a look:

Poor freshie, it’s a croc-eat-croc world out there in Australia. Apparently, the cannibal saltwater croc even had a name and is also quite notorious in the area. Unfortunately, they named it Cheeky and not Hannibal Lecter, because seeing a croc eat its own is simply just a regular cheeky Tuesday in Australia and nothing too terrifying.

What Cheeky did to his own, however, is not really new. Saltwater crocodiles have been known to take down and devour large prey and that includes smaller reptiles like their unfortunate freshwater cousins. No need to have nightmares though, for all we know, Cheeky probably just wanted to greet his freshwater cousin by saying “nice to meat you.”

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