RunKeeper Android App Now Includes Leaderboards, Facebook Integration

RunKeeper Updates Android With New Features

RunKeeper has updated its Android app to include leaderboards, Facebook integration, in-app messaging, and a slew of other new features.

The features were already introduced on the application’s iOS platform, but they pushed out the update to all Android devices on Tuesday.

The company’s app for Android follows in the same footsteps of the original internet incarnation, which went social more than three years ago. The new app allows users to find Facebook friends or phone contacts who already use the application and add them to a leaderboard.

They will be ranked by the number of activities they complete each month. Users will even be able to bug their friends and contacts by reminding them to do an activity using RunKeeper’s in-app messaging feature.

The updated RunKeeper Android app also features an updated activities page that groups a user’s completed activities and upcoming workouts all in one place. In order to access the new leaderboard and Friends features, a user will need to connect his or her Facebook account, which some people may choose not to do.

Even without connecting, the application can still run through contacts to find people who also use the app. RunKeeper is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Symbian. It lets users track and monitor all of their physical activity, whether it is running, hiking, walking, or cycling.



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