Foursquare’s ‘Recently Opened’ Feature Promotes New Businesses

Foursquare Recently Opened Screenshot

Want to find a new restaurant to eat at? A new boutique to shop at or a new bar to drink at? With Foursquare’s new “Recently Opened” feature users can now learn about newly opened businesses directly from their iOS based app. Sorry folks no Android update for this feature yet.

In a blog post for the feature Foursquare writes:

[quote type=”medium” align=”left”] Want to find the latest and greatest in your neighborhood? With today’s iPhone update, we’ve added a one-tap way to find “Recently Opened” places in Explore. Just tap the search icon and scroll down to select it. [/quote]

Foursquare has quickly moved from a simple check-in service to a discovery tool that has partnered with small, medium and large businesses to offer customers check-in incentives. With millions of user reviews/tips/suggestions and billions of check-ins the company’s platform is becoming an important tool for businesses and their customers.

By offering this new feature Foursquare is now able to engage with new businesses during the earliest stages of their existence, promoting a strong and necessary partnership even before a partnership is started.

Business pages for Foursquare are one of the company’s most important factors when promoting businesses, with that feature offered for free to small business this new feature could be a move in the right direction.

With a new and improved ratings system for Venues and now a feature to help promote businesses early and often Foursquare is quickly positioning itself for a bright future and as Co-Founder Dennis Crowley has admitted, a potential acquisition.

Foursquare Recently Opened Screenshot



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