Rumor: Google Voice To Be Integrated Into Hangouts

Google Plus Voice

There have been recent reports that Google Voice is getting dumped and most of its functionality will be integrated into Google Hangouts on both Android and iOS.

This already happened to a certain extent with the ability to call friends on Hangouts, but now rumors are going around that Google Voice is going to be completely shuttered as the next step in the process.

What makes this interesting is that VoIP-to-phones may be integrated into the Hangout app on iOS and Android, which would mean that just like with the Web version users will have the ability to make VoIP calls from their Google phone number.

Not long ago Google allowed Hangouts to overtake the SMS functionality of Android phones, which some are speculating implies that Google is attempting to push all telephony communications into Hangouts.

The VoIP functionality would enable users to have the option to drop their carrier voice plants if they trust Google enough.

This could be a move that won’t be taken lightly by carriers, and would likely be challenged.

There has been no reported time frame on the migration of Google Voice, but the rumors are saying it’s just months out.



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