Google+ Circles Added To Google Voice

Google Plus Voice

Google Voice is the perfect option for users wants to centralize all of their phones through a single phone number and while that feature alone is enough for many users to take advantage of the service, Google+ made the platform even better this week by adding Google+ Circles to the Voice program.

Google Software Engineer Tom Ford explains how Google Voice users can use circles to better manage their callers:

“…calls from your “Creepers” circle can be sent straight to Voicemail, only your “College Buddies” circle will hear you rap your voicemail greeting, or you can set your “Family” circle to only ring your mobile phone.”

Of course in order for the program to work callers need to be in your Google+ account and then synced with your Google Voice account which means a little more work on callers part.

You can read the original blog post for the new feature here.

James Kosur

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