Romance Officially Dead, As Evidenced In A Single Tweet

CVS valentine

Love is dead, we’re all dying alone, and romance is no longer a thing, a Twitter tipping point has proven.

Via Jezebel, the world’s least romantic image has emerged, documenting the sad state of love in the world from a New Jersey CVS.

This tweet actually explains in 140 characters or fewer that indeed, there is something even less romantic than “a CVS in New Jersey,” and that bonerkiller is a display within a CVS in New Jersey.

For Valentine’s Day, a day that used to be marked by handmade tokens of affection and chocolate and wearing red and writing out cards to crushes has now been summarized with a marketing display including:

  • K-Y Jelly
  • Condoms
  • Hideously ugly picture frames
  • Fluorescent drugstore roses
  • The morning-after pill
  • Fake cupcakes in shrink wrap
  • Handcuffs
  • Something called “Libido Max”
  • Assorted lubricants

The tweet:

A CVS worker has emerged to say that the “display” is likely a joke due to rules about visual marketing of “medical” items, but still. Time to go listen to some Morrissey and eat our feelings, everyone.



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