Reporter Needs Burn Cream After Interaction With “Firework Kid”

I really cannot tell if this is setup or not, as it is that awesome, but let me explain. A pretty average news reporter (you know, the half bald white guys you see on the news when it is not a white blonde woman?) is at a fireworks store and is talking about fireworks, safety, and Summer fun. He decides to walk around the corner and ask a local child what “fireworks” are the best.

This is what unfolds to the reporter’s shock. You can even hear the viewer burst into laughter as video cuts.

The kid’s response is nothing short of condescending brilliance, straight up. Also, calling him Weatherboy is like, the ultimate diss. Little is known about this badass kid or the report itself so far so if you cats know anything more, please drop us a line or comment and let us know.

Who is this future hero of America?




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