House Renovation Uncovered Beer Cans Worth Thousands Of Dollars


During a renovation, a family unearthed a “treasure” worth thousands of bucks stashed inside their home in one of the most dubious places.

via WDRB; A renovation spelled thousands of dollars for the Molders

When the family found that one of the columns on the front porch was full of whiskey bottles and empty beer cans, it was terrific news actually. The empties, still in good condition, on the collector’s market are perhaps worth thousands of dollars. The house was constructed in the 1920s reportedly, and the empty alcohol containers date all the way back to the 1940s. Accordant to one of the laborers, 100 cans spilled out of the column when they unsealed it. Astonishingly, a chute was unveiled near the crown of the column. It seems as if a previous homeowner was sheltering the evidence of their imbibing by slipping the empty cans and bottles through the chute. Now, several decades later, to the right buyer they’re worth a decent amount of cash money.

“It was a jackpot of the 1940s,” house owner Danielle Molder spoke to the press. “Every variety of whiskey and bourbon you can imagine. Tons of old vintage beer cans. Many of them in amazing condition. There are collectors and now, overnight, I have an extensive collection.” Whilst it may not appear like much, collectors are supposedly willing to pay relatively high prices for these things. “A quick Google research showed some of these Falstaff cans can go for 40 to 50 dollars. I’ve got at least 20 to 30 of these guys,” Molder claims. Out of all the stranger items a drinker could conceal in the house, for the Molders this potentially is the grandest outcome.


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