Rémi Gaillard Returns, Poops On People Dressed As A Bird [Video]

animals strike back prank

Rémi Gaillard, the French humorist and YouTube prankster best known around these parts as an unofficial frenemy after we wrote about his last video, is back with a new prank called “Animals strike back.”

Like his “Free Sex” video, Gaillard’s newest offering is predicated upon assault and being a general a-hole, but here we are again writing about one of his videos that has earned tens of thousands of views, so something about that strategy works.

Heck, we’ll even admit to laughing at this one a little bit (but NOT “Free Sex” … NEVER “Free Sex”), though we do recognize that Gaillard is pretty much just being a jerk in the video. Maybe that’s just his way. We don’t know because we don’t speak French (sorry, that one reader we pissed off last time).

All we know is that Gaillard bills himself as “unafraid of controversy,”; a creative savant who seeks to challenge “the norms and expectations of online video with his creativity.” We also know that he starred in a feature-length movie this year called N’importe qui and that it was kind of a flop.

Maybe people just aren’t ready for his brand of comedy.

Check out Rémi Gaillard’s latest up top and let us know what you think in the comments. Is he funny, or just a jerk?

Kokou Adzo

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