We Wouldn’t Call Rémi Gaillard’s ‘Free Sex’ Video Funny, More Like ‘Rapey’ [Video]

free sex video

Full disclosure: I don’t speak French, so I have no idea what the description to this video says. Maybe it says “Ha ha, watch me use the power of perspective to make it look like I’m randomly assaulting these women.” Maybe it says, “In accordance with French law, I must disclose that I am a registered sex offender and that this video might be a violation of my parole.”

Whatever Rémi Gaillard’s motives were, everything is in French, and our French person is in Cabo for the weekend. All I’m left to do without him is speculate what could have possessed someone to put this on film and why in Christ’s name it’s supposed to be funny. But if I’m being honest, this is kind of me right now:

jersey shore

I mean, I get why you would think it’s funny.

If you’re in junior high.

But as grown ups, we understand how complex society is and how contentious gender roles can be, and … sweet Muhammad eating a pulled pork sandwich, this is just rapey.

I mean, I know he’s not actually touching these women, but is this still technically sexual assault? Anyone? Jezebel?

Anyway, the video has gone semi-viral with nearly 200,000 views, so check out “Free Sex” from Rémi Gaillard up top and let us know what you think of it down below.

Dusten Carlson
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