Reelio Raises Seed Funding To Connect Brands To YouTube Publishers


Reelio is a startup that matches advertisers with content creators on YouTube. They describe themselves as the “” of brands and YouTube publishers. The company has announced that it has raised a seven-figure seed round of funding.

The startups goal is to help advertisers find YouTube content creators who will post videos that feature their products.

Although brands could easily find the top most popular YouTube channels, Reelio can help them dive deeper into YouTube and identify content creators who may not be well known but still create quality videos and can collectively market to a large and engaged audience.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so there’s plenty of diverse creators on YouTube who have high quality content. Reelio wants to help extract value from these creators and provide it to brands.

Co-founder and CEO Pete Borum says Reelio allows advertisers to have high involvement in the creation of the videos or just setup a budget and be completely hands off.

Reelio is currently in private beta, it wants to help brands not only make popular videos that gets lots of views but also produce consistent quality content on a regular basis.

The round of funding was led by with additional funding from several other backers.



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