Doctors Are Bonkers Over Birth That Happens Only Once Every 480 Years


It’s pretty hard to shock doctors – for they’ve seen it all (in their respective professions). However, one specific birth has physicians literally tripping over their own tongues.

via Hygo; Alexandra Kinova was assisted by a team of 40+ specialists at the maternity hospital when she delivered quintuplets: 4 boys, and 1 girl

The couple, Alexandra and Antonin Kinova, were very acquainted with infants because they already had a child. They were all the more anxious and joyous to learn of the newest member to their family. Though, things got a lot more interesting when they found out that they wouldn’t be having just one … but, five kids!

Initially, The Kinovas were informed they were going to have twins. Following, the doctor suggested they re-scan to solidify the diagnosis. Alexandra’s comeback was a mixture of emotions, as can be anticipated when you are told you’re due to give birth to triplets! But, it didn’t stop there.

Just as quickly as the doctors determined it was triplets, they advised her that there were actually four babies inside of her. In the end, after multiple opinions and thorough cross-checking, the doctors revealed she had indeed five babies.

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Full of wonder and shock, Alexandra prepped herself to deliver quintuplets. Fortuitously, she gave birth to all 5 babies without any complications—a girl and four precious boys were greeted into the world via C-section.

The five saints, Terezka, Michael, Martin, Deniel and Alex are now healthy and growing toddlers.

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