Cambodian Boy Wows Internet With Self-Taught Ability To Speak 12+ Languages

cambodian boy
Photo by Facebook/Venus GWC

Most of us will probably be proud to be able to speak a second or third language. After all, learning another language opens you up to a world of possibilities and cultural perspectives. Sorry to rain on your parade though, but a second or third language may not be much of an achievement any more thanks to one Cambodian boy who learned to speak 12+ languages.


A 10-year-old Cambodian boy named Thuch Salik (also known as Thaksin) who also works as a souvenir vendor in a popular tourist spot in said country has gone viral recently. It was all thanks to one tourist named Venus who visited Ta Prohm temple (aka Tomb Raider film temple) in Cambodia. Here’s Thuch:

Venus spotted Thuch going about his usual work and discovered that the boy could speak more languages than she could count with her fingers. Among those are Korean, English, French, Spanish, Malay, Filipino, Hainanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, and his native tongue. Of course, such a talent should be better heard than read, so here is Thuch demonstrating his multilingual knowledge:

What is even more impressive is that Thuch is from a third world country whose education is relatively worse than developed nations. Oh, and he also learned that from tourists who he interacts with on a regular basis due to his job. Thuch apparently does it so that he can make enough money for his schooling, meaning he had to work hard and adapt at such a young age.


Of course, it was only a matter of time before Thuch gained so much attention, he was invited to China so that he could be interviewed and perform that Chinese song he learned called “We Are Different.” Thuch also reportedly has a brother who can speak 11 languages, similar to him.

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