Can You Actually Microwave A Whole Turkey? Butterball Responds

whole turkey

Baby boomers, Generation X: We apologize (in advance) for this slightly mind-blowing data.

whole turkey
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There’s a #25lbTurkeyChallenge going on right now.

Millennials, who may be staging their first Thanksgiving supper(s), have been swindling parents by texting them the inquiry: “How long does it take to microwave a 25-pound turkey?”

Then the adult(ish) children have turned around and been posting the replies, many of which are downright hysterical, to social media.

“The key word here, being ‘microwave.’ Definitely not a good idea to microwave a turkey,” Carson Daly said on TODAY, while describing the prank.

While the feedback is chuckle-worthy, some unforeseen news about how to cook a Thanksgiving bird has arose since the joke went viral: Indeed (millennials), you can actually microwave a turkey.

And the tip has come from none other than the company behind the renowned Turkey Talk Line: Butterball.

Now … this, may come as a jolt to the thousands of parents who just denounced their grown kids for even implying such a thing.

One tweeter’s father answered that he is “no Guy Fieri, but nuking a turkey doesn’t sound great.” The mom, though, shut the notion all the way down.

Upon obtaining the text, some parents thought their offspring might be intoxicated … or stoned.

According to Butterball experts, microwaving a turkey is entirely feasible … and, astonishingly safe.

A 25-pound turkey is going to likely be too large to fit inside any conventional microwave, however, a littler bird that will sufficiently feed attendees at ‘Friendsgiving’ in that diminutive first dorm or apartment can surely be done.

For all turkey/microwave queries, assistance is just a call away at Butterball’s official Turkey Talk Line: 1-800-BUTTERBALL. They manage over 100,000 questions annually, so there is a strong chance the specialist on the other end of the phone will have a resolution to any last-minute questions.


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