‘Raiders To The Super Bowl’ Trends On Twitter

Raiders to the Super Bowl trended on Twitter Wednesday

On Wednesday night the term “Raiders to the Super Bowl” suddenly began to trend on Twitter. The real question is; how?

The answer is pretty simple actually. During a radio interview, new Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew said he believes Matt Schaub has a chip on his shoulder can definitely take the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

Raider fans, just as they did with the hashtag #DJaxToOakland, hopped on the hype train and turned the phrase into a top trend.

Here is a taste of the best “Raiders to the Super Bowl” mentions:





Okay, so maybe fans don’t have as much faith in Matt Schaub as Maurice Jones-Drew does, but hey, they still got something Raider’s related trending for the second time in one week.

That’s kind of impressive.

The Raiders traded for Matt Schaub to stabilize their quarterback position while they rebuild. Jones-Drew claims the Raiders aren’t rebuilding though. He says the team is in a “win-now” mode.

For Jones-Drew and Schaub’s sake, Oakland had better be in a “win-now” mode. The team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2002 and neither player is a spring chicken.

So, can Matt Schaub take the Raiders to the Super Bowl? It’s not probable, but anything is possible I guess.

[Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall]

Scott Croker

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