RG3 Assures Fans He Won’t Give His Jersey Number To DeSean Jackson

RG3 will not give DeSean Jackson the number 10

RG3 took to Twitter on Wednesday to assure Redskin fans that he would not be giving DeSean Jackson his number 10 jersey.

Jackson, the newest member of the Washington receiving corps, has worn the number 10 his entire NFL career. When the Eagles released the super star last week no one wondered what number he would wear in 2014.

After all, In most situations Jackson would get his number 10 back. However, in most situations RG3 isn’t your franchise quarterback.

RG3 didn’t seem overly concerned about his number, celebrating winning the “fight” over Jackson with this gem:


Fans of the quarterback weren’t as excited thinking they might have to buy a new jersey with a different number to stay up to date.

After fans panicked, RG3 made it very clear he was not going to hand his number 10 jersey over to DeSean Jackson.


As you can see, fans needed the reassurance.


So what number will DeSean Jackson wear? It hasn’t been announced yet, but it would be surprising if it wasn’t in the teens. While older receivers tend to wear numbers in the 80’s, a large number of younger players keep it smaller.

RG3 will look to bounce back in 2014 after a season where he led the Redskins to a 3-13 recor and never looked comfortable coming off an ACL tear. He has no excuses in 2014, and if his knee stays in one piece, he shouldn’t need any.

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