Racist Instagram Beauty Influencer Sondos Al Qattan Responds To Critics; Drags Islam Into Defense

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Racism should never be tolerated and does not really have an excuse when you think about it. Based on its definition, it is simply a blind hate for another race, that is why no matter the race or skin color, it really should not be defended or condoned. It just so happens that anyone can be a racist.

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Apart from that one, of course. Such is the unfortunate case for Sondos Al Qattan, a Kuwaiti and a Muslim, also a famous Instagram influencer for beauty products. Sondos recently incurred a heavy backlash after her racist remarks on Filipino domestic workers. She expressed displeasure and refusal to follow humane work policies for Filipino employees in Kuwait which allows for at least one day-off for the workers. Here is her specific tirade below:

Because of that, she has received a lot of criticism from both Filipinos and other nationalities alike, even from other Muslims and Kuwaitis.

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However, Sondos seems to have misinterpreted her critics’ concerns and deemed them as an attack on Muslim, Kuwait, and the Hijab which is a religious garment tradition for Muslim women.

A lot of beauty brands have also cut ties with her over her remarks, there are also online boycott movements for her. These, along with the criticisms might have led Sondos to believe that she was being attacked. It is clear that the criticisms were for her attitude and racist views towards Filipino overseas workers, as she even referred to them as “servants.” Most of her critics, in no way or statement, criticised her for being a Muslim or a woman. Rest assured, people are not confused that the issue is her racist behavior.

Hopefully, Sondos can learn something from her mistakes and does not drag Islam further into the argument.

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