#PridetoBeStraight and Filters From Russian Conservatives Anti-6/26 Ruling


#LoveWins? In Russia, there’s #PrideToBeStraight and #PrideToBeRussian.

In response to the outpouring of support from celebratory same-sex-marriage supporters on social media, Russian conservatives now have their own answer to Facebook’s Celebrate Pride rainbow filters. Instead of the ROYGBIV that stands for equality and diversity in the LGBT community, the conservatives profiles now sport the three colors of the Russian flag: white, blue, and red. The filtered portraits are also accompanied by the hashtags #PrideToBeStraight and #PridetoBeRussian.

The creator of the app that made this possible is one Oleg Chulakov. Chulakov is an art director who allegedly received thousands of requests to make an app that would alter their own profile photos and post them to Facebook and Twitter. However, he said that it was not done out of opposition or to anger LGBT people and supporters of same-sex marriage. “We are not against anyone,” he writes on his Facebook page.


However, many of its users are using it as a tool to uphold “traditional family values whilst decrying the SCOTUS 6/26 ruling rendering same-sex marriage a constitutional right in all of the 50 US states.

“Russia, as the country does not tolerate fa[gg]ots, launched a response — more and more users have changed the color of their avatars to the Russian tricolor,” Anya Enikeeva on VK.com, a Russian version of Facebook, writes alongside her Russian flag-filtered profile of her and a child. “I urge all concerned, return the rainbow to the kids!!”

Vitaly Milonov, a St. Petersburg lawmaker, has asked the Russia’s internet watchdog, Roskomnadzor to an Facebook in the country for violating their policies on gay propaganda. Milonove himself authored a number of infamous homophobic policies, and bristled at the news of the recent US ruling. “Facebook doesn’t have age limits — you can’t control how many underage users there are. So it would be totally reasonable to wipe out Facebook on Russian territory,” he says. However, Facebook is still accessible to a number of circumspect users. One journalist, however, bemoans the whole affair altogether.

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