Pot Smoker Finds Huge Tiger In Abandoned House– He Wasn’t Tripping

Photo by Reddit/u/SigmaStyles

Marijuana, or some drugs, have different effects on people. However, they can be potent enough to cause hallucinations. One thing is for certain though, marijuana can make things more appealing, especially munchies. That’s probably why a pot smoker found it quite puzzling when he saw a huge tiger while smoking weed. Turns out, he wasn’t hallucinating.


The incident happened in Texas, US where one person was out doing some recreational marijuana and was wandering around the neighborhood doing so. He came upon an abandoned house and decided it was a good place to get high. However, the pot smoker saw something he did not expect– an overweight tiger sitting inside the said abandoned home.


So, like any normal citizen would do, he called the police hotline for Texas. The problem was, the pot smoker forgot to omit the fact that he was looking for a place to get high. Hence, the police suspected that he was hallucinating about the tiger.


“A concerned citizen called 311. They were trying to get into this house to smoke marijuana. We questioned them as to whether they were under the effects of the drugs or they actually saw a tiger. They saw a tiger in this building, this vacant house that’s obviously been abandoned for some time,” according to Sgt. Jason Alderete of Houston police.


Regardless, the police still checked on the call and found out that the pot smoker was not hallucinating. There was indeed, an overweight tiger in an unlocked cage in the abandoned house. It seems the previous owners of the building abandoned the creature but oddly, left some meat for the tiger so it would not go hungry:

Photo by ABC 13

Luckily for the pot smoker, the said tiger was docile and did not seem hungry– or even agile enough to hunt and kill. The beast was taken into custody to help it find an adequate home.

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