Post Office Initially Denies Dog Its Package; Asked For ID And Signature From Animal

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We have all been there, right? Wrestling a package from a customs or post office red tape can be one of the most infuriating experiences ever. As it turns out, that sort of red tape is not limited to just human beings. Apparently, even a dog got subjected to humanity’s excessive bureaucracy which drives us all insane.

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Chaya is a good girl, her family loves her so much that she was even given their surname. Her owner was Marie Palmgren from Sweden, and as such, she is known as Chaya Palmgren, the lovely family boxer pup. Anyway, a family friend from a different country also loved Chaya and decided to send her a dog toy.

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Then one day, Marie got called to the post office over that package. It was apparently quite big and troublesome that she had to come and get it herself. The package was addressed to Chaya, Chaya Palmgren, and that caused a whirlwind of problems for the Palmgrens.

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The post office had strict parameters which required the addressee to sign and show an ID. Chaya, no matter how good of a girl she is, is no match for a pen and paper. Marie brought Chaya along to the post office with her doggie papers, but they still demanded a signature. So what they did was make her sign with her paw print, Chaya did not mind, it seems.

Marie thought what they went through was a gutbuster, but the postal staff took it very seriously. Anyway, Chaya was finally able to get her package, which is a fountain toy for doggos. So, dogs=1, bureaucracy=0.

Photo by Marie Palmgren

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