Pornhub Removes World Cup Highlights, Says It Has Enough Public Humiliation

Fan Crying

If you have a fetish for public humiliation and grown men crying you might want to click on over to Pornhub. No, I’m not trying to feed your porn addiction. I’m just making sure that you get a chance to see some World Cup highlights.

Yep, after Brazil got absolutely rocked by Germany tonight in the World Cup, somebody uploaded the highlights to Pornhub under the “public humiliation” section.

The title of the video? “Young Brazilians get f*cked by entire German soccer team.”

It looks like Pornhub has removed the clip (trust me I checked) but that doesn’t mean that the website didn’t appreciate the joke. Pornhub, like the rest of the Twitter, gleefully mocked Brazil after their disappointing performance tonight.

Brazil lost to Germany tonight 7-1. That’s the worst World Cup loss ever suffered by a host country. It is also the most goals ever scored in a World Cup semifinal.  It is also the first time Brazil has lost a competitive match at home since 1975. AND, it marks the most goals allowed by Brazil in the last 74 years.

World Cup Pornhub

Basically, it was a group of young Brazilians getting f*cked by an entire German soccer team.

[Photo credit: Twitter]

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