Police In Indonesia Get Entire Neighborhood High By Burning Drugs


Citizens in West Jakarta, Indonesia were feeling a little buzzed a few weeks ago. It seems they received a contact high from 3 tons of burning marijuana. The burning was part of a ceremony to destroy tons of confiscated illegal drugs. Ironically, the ceremony was attended by politicians and other officials.

Police officers were prepared for the smoke’s special ‘side effects’, but no one seemed to think about the citizen’s wellbeing. It seems not everyone was in the mood to catch a buzz. Residents and nearby journalists reported mild headaches after the area was engulfed by smoke that was pouring from a giant pile of burning cannabis.

One resident told reporters, ” I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask.”

Fortunately, no one reported any major injuries from the incident, just a bad case of the munchies.

It was also reported that the police destroyed 1.8 kilograms of confiscated crystal meth and 2,538 pills of ecstasy, but it is not clear how they were destroyed, or if they were destroyed on site as well.

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