PokeMatch: New Dating App Combines Pokemon Go And Tinder To Find Your Perfect Match [Video]


Pokemon Go and Tinder are two pretty popular apps, but what happens when the two are combined? PokeMatch (Yes, we realize how dirty that looks) was created to help the Pokemon Go-obsessed find true love, or at least a hunting partner.

Basically, you swipe right and left through nearby Pokemon Go players just like Tinder matches. If both people accept, the app opens a chat screen that will let them talk and see where things lead.

Not looking for romance? PokeMatch also allows people to use the app to find friends. You know, in case you wanted to enlist a few people into your Pokemon training team. (Team Valor shout-out!)

If PokeMatch is anything like its obsessive inspirations, Pokemon Go and Tinder, then it should be insanely successful. The creators say that they already have more than 7,000 active users and have made more than 10,000 successful matches.

PokeMatch is available for free download on both Android and iOS, so everyone can find their Pokemon soulmate. What do you think about this new dating app? Perfect or way too much?

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