Pinterest Wins The ‘Money Per Click’ Category Among Social Networks

Pinterest Click Through Rates

When it comes to turning clicks into profits Pinterest is leaps and bounds ahead of Twitter (four times), and Facebook (27% more money generated).

Unlike its competitors, Pinterest has an audience that is largely dominated by a single demographic (women, stay-at-home moms, mom bloggers, etc.). That hyper-focus has allowed brand owners and Pinterest users to convert the social networks audience into active consumers.

In a new infographic titled, “How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%,” the team at QuickSprout reveals that among Pinterest 80% of the networks users are women, and many are moms. Meanwhile, 500,000 businesses now operate their own Pinterest account, a far cry from the 15 million businesses who currently take ownership of Facebook pages.

QuickSprout’s research has found that 47% of US online shoppers claim to have purchased an item they found via Pinterest recommendations.

Here are some of the impressive Pinterest pay per click numbers:

QuickSprout Pinterest engagement

If you really want to promote your brand the best posting times are between 2 and 4 pm EST and 8pm to 1am EST.

Just remember that Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks don’t have some magical posting time that guarantees success. The most successful brands become part of the social communities they join and that in turn leads to more trust among users and higher click-through rates.

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