Katy Perry Urges Action After Columbia Mall Shooting

Katy Perry Change After Mall Shooting

Katy Perry took to Twitter Saturday after news broke of a shooting at a mall in Columbia, Maryland. The shooting ended with two victims and the suspect dead, as well as five injuries.

The shooting took place at Zumiez, a shop that caters to skaters. The victims were 21-year-old Brianna Benlolo and 25-year-old Tyler Johnson, who both worked at the store, according to CNN. The suspected shooter’s body was also found in the store, next to a shotgun and unspent ammo.

A few hours after the shooting was announced, Katy Perry took to Twitter, writing:

The singer does have a point. Saturday’s shooting was one of several in the past few months, including one at South Carolina State University and another at Purdue University this week. Perry’s comments were favorited and retweeted by thousands, and caught the eye of notable gun control advocate Piers Morgan, who invited Perry to come on his show and “talk about guns.”

Katy Perry hasn’t responded to the invite, at least on Twitter.

[Image: Eva Rinaldi]



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