Pink is the New Black: #VaginaNails are Here To Stay!

What do you give to the lady who has everything in life? You give her vagina nails. A new Instagram trend, Vagina Nails sound like some sort of medieval weaponry or a nineties industrial band, but they are actually just what they claim to be. Vaginas on fingernails. Yup, for real.

Vagina Nails or #Vaginanails as they are being branded, are women getting little vagina sculptures on their nails, and then having said sculptures painted with ultimate realism (mostly). Some may find it jarring, but I, for one, embrace the vagina nals trend.


You give her vagina nails #workdoesntstopatwork #vaginasfordays #studio30nails #vaginas #vaginanails

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Hell, we used to have to pay good money to see one of those. It’s nice to see the vag reaching a new pop culture height.


 Oh, her vagina nails are pierced, that’s hawt!


Ma’am, your vagina nails are AWFULLY white, you may need to see a doctor or take Vitamin B shots.


 She calls hers “vulva nails”. She wins!




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